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Bekah Ghent

My journey to midwifery began a few years after high school on an exploratory trip to east Africa where I visited a family friend who was a midwife in Rwanda. It was there, in the slums of Kigali, that I attended my first birth. I was …

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Carolyne Mellon

I’m originally from New Brunswick where midwives are new, few, and far between! It’s no surprise that without being exposed to the profession, it took me some time to realize that it was right for me. I applied to the midwifery program after completing a Bachelor …

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Kim Cleland

I grew up on a farm in rural Norfolk County, Ontario. I was sixteen when I decided that midwifery was my calling. I liked the emphasis on holistic health care, normal birth, and women making their own choices during their pregnancy. I spent the rest of …

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Kimberley Tigani

My interest in midwifery began when I was encouraged by a friend to seek out midwifery care with my own pregnancy in 2005. I did not know what midwives did or how they worked and so when I approached them for care, I had no idea …

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Sevanne Carpenter

It was during the pregnancy and birth of my first child that I decided midwifery was the career for me. During this time, I became passionate about the importance of feeling safe, respected, and being able to make my own decisions during pregnancy and childbirth. Weeks …

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Second Attendants

Bianca Littlefield

I grew up on the shores of Georgian Bay in Parry Sound, Ontario. We moved to Brantford from the GTA before the birth of our second son. It feels like home here, we love the area and kayak the Grand whenever we can. I have been …

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Chantal Gowing

I was born and raised in Haldimand County where I am currently living with my husband and our four children, all of whom were delivered in the care of midwifery. Through the journey of becoming a mother, I realized my passion for the entire birth experience. …

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Jessica Wojtkowiak

I was born and raised in Oxford County and moved to Norfolk county where I married my best friend and we are now raising our two sons. After navigating my own birth journeys, I became empowered to mentor and support birthing families. Since 2017, I have …

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Mariana Wheeler ~ On Leave

As a mother I know first hand of the important role that midwifery care plays in our community, and could not be more proud to be contributing to that care.  I was born in Brazil but have lived in Ontario since I was a baby. For …

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Andrea Bellinger

I was born and raised in Northern Ontario. Caring for children and becoming a mother has always been a great desire. Norfolk has been my home since 2004 and I have been blessed with three teenage boys. It is a great honour to be able to …

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